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What distinguishes Clark Communications from others is our staff. As a family-owned and operated business, we foster a warm and supportive environment where everyone feels valued. Our team is genuinely passionate about the world of print and marketing. They take pride in their craft and are dedicated to helping clients' goals with creativity and expertise. Apply today to join the best team in town.


Wide Format (Large Print Production) Technician

Accepting Applications from
July 1, 2024
March 6, 2024

At Clark Communications we have tremendous pride in the stable culture and family like environment that has existed for over 35 years of business. It is actually very rare that our company looks to replace positions and most employment opportunities in our company come from growth positions. Regardless of area of employment, we look for responsible and reliable individuals, that also maintain high levels of personal integrity and character. Our wide format technicians are required to finish production on various signage projects, banners and vehicle vinyl wrapping. Wide format techs are also required to perform customer installations to the highest standards with some client interfacing while on installation. As members of our team that are required to operate outside company premises, upholding proper dress code and behavior within company policy is essential to ensure proper ambassadorship.

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