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If you’ve ever tried to DIY a direct-mail campaign, then you know how time-consuming it can be. Many detractors want you thinking direct mail marketing is dead, but that could not be further from the truth. To this day direct mail marketing remains one of the most effective advertising tools at a businesses disposal in effectively targeting specific audiences according to Data has revealed consumers are likely to engage in direct mail up to 90% of the time. In a world of increasing digital overload, ensure your brand and message is seen by your target audience with unique, custom shipping and mailing service.

Case Study

Bottom line - Clark Communications helped us turn our business around in less than a month. Our restaurant had hit the “sophomore” slump, with sales down over 20% versus 2021 despite strong reviews. We’re tucked away in the back corner of a North Asheville shopping center, and have relied on neighborhood traffic. So we needed both our locals to come back and new customers from the area. The owners sat down with Tom Clark, and he reviewed the promotion we had done to date (very limited). He suggested economical signage options to help folks find us and a bulk mailing program to all residents in our zip code and two adjacent ones, both focused on our upcoming 2 year anniversary. His team did a great job quickly developing signs and wind flags, along with a great looking 2-sided direct mail piece. Time from initial discussion to having signs and mailers in hand was less than 2 weeks. The results were immediate. As soon as the signs went up, new faces started saying “we didn’t know you were back here” and familiar ones said “we’d sorta forgotten about you”. And then the direct mail hit. In the first 2 weeks we’ve received well over 100 mailers from a mix of existing and new customers. In the 3 weeks since we started the campaign, business is up 53% vs the 3 weeks preceding the signs going up, and last week we had our highest sales ever. Our challenge is now staffing for the increased business, but I call that a “high class” problem. Thanks Clark for your help, and we look forward to extending the very successful campaign.

Ed Greene, Rye Knot

List Acquisition and Processing

Has your business identified a target demographic, but are unsure how to reach the correct market? Clark’s direct mailing marketing service in Asheville, NC, can help your business acquire the proper data to carry out any mail campaign through proper search and list acquisition. If you already have the target lists but are unsure of how to execute the data into a successful marketing campaign, we will clean and process the information for your business to ensure you successfully reach your audience.

Mail Assembly

As a custom print and marketing firm, we are in the business of finding solutions to make your visions reality and this extends to your mail campaigns. If your creativity extends beyond a simple print insert in an envelope, at Clark we will find a way to assemble any number of unique requests in a manner that adheres to postal standards and executes your brand and marketing flawlessly.

Mail Sorting

Ever wonder how millions of pieces of mail can be processed and delivered correctly on a daily basis? Clark’s shipping and mailing service ensures your mail campaigns are sorted correctly and make it to the intended destination. Mail sorting is a process of data collection, standardization of addresses and preparation of information for proper order and distribution through the postal service.


Direct mail marketing has stood the test of time as an essential part of any cross channel marketing strategy. Mail campaigns are as relevant as they’ve ever been as one of the most effective methods of reaching your intended consumer base. With personalization and a data driven approach, let Clark’s direct mailing marketing service in Asheville, NC, guide you through the entire process and help drive traffic to your business.

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Intelligent Mail Targeting

Stack the deck in your favor with our advanced database management technologies and strategies to ensure your marketing collateral is delivered to the most qualified leads for a maximum return on your investment. We can guide you through every step of the mailing process, including:

Acquiring qualified prospect lists, targeted to your unique product or service
Managing data pools
Creating personalized one-to-one mail campaigns
Tabbing, labeling, stuffing, barcoding and variable-data imprinting

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